VIDEO tutorials

Tutorials and other videos can be found on my youtube channel.

The Process

Each MISZEK is done by hands and each is unique. 
They are carved in wool using sharp felting needles. I put the layers of fur on previously constructed skeletons which are later wet felted and moulded for hours with the use of soap and boiling water into a furry being. I apply those techniques alternately. Needle-felting needs precision and wet-felting at times just turns into a physical work-out. But both need most of all time. 

Polish version HERE 

Felting Tips and Hints

1. Experiment. Try combining different techniques (needle felting and wet felting).
2. Do not be afraid of a faliure - challenge the unexpected.
3. Use reclaimed objects for construction, skeletons and frames.
4. Think BIGGER! at least 30% bigger - since your projects will shrink while felting, especially wet-felting.
5. Treat yourself to a cheap wooden brush instead of expensive plastic ones.